Our practice uses several automated instruments that few eye care offices use.

While you are checking in, our staff will read the prescription in your glasses with our Topcon CL-300 computerized lensmeter which will also measure if you have any UV protection in your lenses.  This information will then be sent wireless via bluetooth to the exam room vision tester for further refinement during the exam.

The Eye Exam

Your exam will start in our one year testing room where you will be able to have retinal imaging done with our Topcon Meastro retinal camera.  Your retina is the inside lining of the very back of your eyes and is vital to your vision as it kind of acts like film in a camera.  Most eye diseases that affect your vision are in this part of your eyes.  This area is about the size of your thumb nail, and this technology will enlarge this area to the size of a computer screen without losing definition.  This will give us the most magnified, high definition digital image of your retina possible so that we are able to detect eye disease such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, or retinal vascular disease earlier than would otherwise be possible.  It will also allow us to better see changes in your eyes over time.

Next we will perform auto refractometer readings of your eyes with our new Topcon KR-1.  These readings are measuring your eyeglass prescription automatically with a computerized focusing machine.  This allows us to obtain a fast and accurate measurement of your prescription so there is less worry if you are not choosing the best answer, “1” or “2“, or should your child pretend to need glasses as it takes subjectivity out of the equation.  This information is then sent wireless via bluetooth to the exam room vision tester so the prescription can be further refined by Dr. Knutson.

Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, we will then perform corneal topography as a part of your contact lens exam with our Medmont E300.  Your cornea is the clear window on the front of your eye where your contact lens rests.  The topographer readings will give us an accurate, high resolution image of  your anterior corneal surface.  This will ensure the best fit and long-term health with your contact lenses.  This instrument will also allow us to detect and manage keratoconus and other corneal eye diseases.

The other instrument in our one-year testing room is our Octopus 311 automated threshold visual field machine.  This visual field machine allows us to map your peripheral visual for treatment of glaucoma and detection of visual pathway diseases such as optic neuropathy, brain tumors, and stroke.

Once testing is done in our one-year testing room, we bring you to our exam room where we will measure the pressure in your eyes WITHOUT the use of any drops or air puffs with our I-Care tonometer.

During the eye exam Dr. Knutson will further refine your eyeglass prescription by performing a thorough refraction (vision testing to measure your eyeglass prescription) of your eyes with our new Topcon CV-5000S computerized vision tester.  This vision tester will already have your current eyeglass prescription and auto-refractometer readings automatically loaded into the machine via blue tooth creating efficiency and accuracy with your testing.  The testing choices for you are easier to discern as this vision tester has the ability to display your “1” or “2” choices side by side on a lot of the testing making you more confident and accurate in your subjective choices.  This will allow us to give you the sharpest vision possible and in a more efficient manner.  This data is then sent automatically to populate the data fields in your electronic health records.  Also, gone are the days of performing this testing in a dark room, as we have computerized eye charts rather than projectors.

After the vision testing is done, Dr. Knutson will perform a thorough yearly eye health exam of both the outside and inside of your eyes.  Should Dr. Knutson find something wrong with the outside of your eyes like a suspicious growth, infection, or abrasion we can get a crisp digital image or video of this with our Topcon DC-3 digital camera or should we find something wrong with the inside of your eyes we can (once again) get a digital image of the back inside of your eye (retina) with our Topcon Meastro retina camera.  We got your eyes covered inside and out.

Finally, when the eye exam is done, and after you have picked out that perfect pair of glasses, we will then escort you to our Visioffice digital eyeglass lens measuring system.  The Visioffice captures 3-D images of your eyes and glasses as well as video of your eye movements and eye dominance which creates the most precise and personalized measurements.  This translates into the sharpest, most natural, and most comfortable vision possible in your glasses.  You will love your glasses even more with this technology.

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