Everything You Need to Know About Non Prescription Colored Contacts!

Contact lens technology has come a long way from the hard, harsh lenses of the past. Contact lenses now are much more flexible and breathable making for a more comfortable fit. There are also contact lenses for specific purposes such as overnight, single use and colored. If you’re a contact wearer and are considering getting the latter kind of contacts, there are some potential risks you need to consider before using them. Here are some risks to consider with eye color-changing contact lenses:

Can Cause Eye Damage

Colored contact lenses, like other contact lenses have the potential to cause significant damage to your eyes. They are not any more breathable than regular contact lenses, which are naturally less breathable than not wearing contacts. This lack of oxygen into the eye is what can cause eye damage. The lack of vital oxygen to the eyes can cause irritation, pink eye, eye infections and even blindness.

Can Cause Eye Infections

Colored contacts, like regular contacts weaken your eyes’ abilities to fight infections by limiting the amount of oxygen entering the eyes. Minor to moderate eye irritation are the most common forms of discomfort experienced by contact lens wearers. If proper hygiene isn’t followed or if the lenses are worn longer than they are prescribed for, eye infections such as pink eye, eye fungal infections and corneal abrasions can occur, putting your eye health at risk. These infections not only produce discomfort and an unsightly appearance of the eyes, but they can greatly decrease the proper functioning of your eyes which if not dealt with and treated can lead to blindness. These risks also impact people who don’t normally wear contact lenses. Colored contact lenses are a new trend for middle and high school students who merely wear them for cosmetic reasons such as changing their eye color to match their outfits. With Halloween around the corner, teens and adults are interested in colored contacts to enhance their costumes.

Colored contacts are to be worn with care. Here are some things you can do to protect your eyes when wearing colored contact lenses:

  • Don’t sleep in your contacts. Even contacts that are labeled for overnight use should be taken out before you go to bed so your eyes can rest and breathe.
  • Get your contacts prescribed from an optometrist. Getting imitation colored lenses is not only against FDA regulations, but the source of the contacts are unknown, their cleanliness can be compromised and the likely won’t properly fit your eyes. These can all cause potential discomfort and lead to serious eye infections.
  • Change your contact solution regularly. Throw out your left-over contact lens solution after each use. Don’t ever reuse contact cleaning solution.
  • Change out your contact case. It is recommended you discard your contact lens storage cases every three months.
  • See your optometrist yearly. A thorough annual eye exam by our optometrists will guarantee the best fitting contacts for your eyes and provide recommendations for the best eye care while wearing colored contact lenses.
At Signature Eye Care, our trained eye specialists use the latest eye technology to provide the most accurate prognosis for our patients. We offer contact lens services for patients with a variety of eye conditions including bifocal and astigmatism lenses. If you’re interested in more information about contact lenses and which ones will work best for you, contact us today to set up an appointment.