How to Know if Your Child Needs Eye Glasses

Does your child need glasses?

Does your child rub his or her eyes constantly? Is he or she struggling in school or needing to hold books close to their face when reading? If so, your son or daughter may need eye glasses. Determining if your child needs glasses can be difficult to assess, especially if they are young. Parents are encouraged to have their eyes tested when they are six months old, and then again at three years of age, followed by age 5 or 6. By six months, your infant’s eyes should be developing. By age three, they should be fully developed. Having their eyes checked at age 5 or 6 is recommended before they enter kindergarten. If your child is exhibiting symptoms incoordination, clumsiness, and slower than normal motor skills before the age of three, you should make an appointment with your pediatrician as it may be an indicator of more serious health concerns.

Why Correct Vision is Important to Your Child

After your child has begun school (after age 5 or 6), it is encouraged that their eyes be tested every year. Sometimes vision problems won’t be evident until your child is older and in school when you may notice your child squinting, holding things close to their face, and rubbing their eyes. Another characteristic to look for is a series of bad grades in their classes that have no exclamation. Your son or daughter may be praised for their hard work and good behavior and attitude but they struggle in their classes. Some parents may see this as a frustrating inconvenience that must be overlooked or ignored. Failing to diagnose and correct your children’s vision problems can have dire consequences such as the inability to graduate high school and be illiterate late into their adult lives. How important is your child’s eyesight in school? According to the Eyecare Council, 80% of the learning that occurs in schools is visual. If your child’s eyesight isn’t corrected, they will be set up for failing and struggling in school.

Glasses Aren’t That Bad

Your child might not ecstatic about getting glasses, especially if they are older. Kids think glasses look funny and “uncool.” Children’s optical glasses have become a booming industry with just as many styles, shapes and sizes available as adult glasses. While children’s glasses in the past were more of a one-size-fits-all concept, today, there are glasses appropriate to a variety of ages. Gone are the days when your older child had to choose between glasses aimed at six years olds or “boring” adult glasses. With additional options for your child, he or she can get the right size, style and frame shape to best compliment their face and showcase their distinct personality. It can be hard to convince your child that glasses are best, but letting them be aware of the many styles of kids’ glasses out there. Having your child pick out their glasses is a fun way to break down the negative stigma he or she may have towards glasses. At Signature Eye Care, we have a wide selection of age-appropriate glasses for children that will appeal to the style preferences, lifestyle and personality of every child. Our all-service eye care center saves your family valuable time. After an eye exam with our experienced optomologist, your child can peruse our wide selection of kid’s eyewear. If your son or daughter is struggling in school, it can be a visual issue. Don’t risk your child getting further behind in school. Schedule an eye exam appointment with us today.