How We Strive To Service the Lincoln Community

Lending a hand t the community

The health of your eyes is important.  A Signature Eye Care, an eye doctor in Lincoln, NE, we believe everyone should have access to quality eye care services. Our patients will be treated with respect and offered only the highest-quality eyeglasses, lenses and contact lenses. We also utilize the latest eye care technology to give patients the best experience, most accurate prognosis and effective eye care treatments.

Lincoln, NE Eye Doctor Gives Sight to Those in the Community

We strive to give superb service to our patients as well as help others in the community get needed access to eye care services. At Signature Eye Care, we offer patients professional eye care services, dry eye management, and a large selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Our eye care specialists also perform a variety of vision correction surgeries. We treat patients of all ages and provide eye care treatments for a variety of eye health needs and conditions. Signature Eye Care is also a part of multiple community service organizations that provide free eye care services to the underinsured, uninsured and young preschool aged children. We recognize the important connection to eye care health and overall health and quality of life. Simply because someone can’t afford treatment or is unaware of the eye care treatment and services out there, doesn’t mean they should put their eye health at risk. The three community charities we partner with to provide eye doctor services in Lincoln include Clinic With a Heart, InfantSee, and See to Learn.

We Utilize Latest Eye Care Technology to Better Patient Experience

Dr. Knutson utilizes a variety of advanced eye care technology including medical eye care management, comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens fitting and examination, and pediatric eye care services. The eye care technology we utilize to make our patients have a good eye exam experience include:
  • Topcon CL-300 computerized lensmeter
  • Canon CRDigi retinal camera.
  • Topcon KR-1.
  • Veatch Corneal Topographer.
  • Octopus 311 automated threshold visual field machine
  • Topcon CV-5000S computerized vision tester
  • Canon CR-Digi retina camera
  • Print-Dr.JK-8961
  • Visioffice digital eyeglass lens measuring system
These technologies help our specialists make more accurate (and quicker) diagnoses and quick, safe and effective treatments for all eye health issues. At Signature Eye Care, we offer a unique eye care service called the Gentle Vision Shaping System. This system is a non-invasive alternative to Lasik. It corrects vision by using contact lens type “retainers.” The eye correction occurs much like how retainers are used to straighten and align teeth. Patients using the Gentle Vision Shaping System insert the eye “retainers” into their eyes at night and take them out in the morning when they get up. During the day, the patient’s vision will be strong enough that it won’t require glasses or contact lenses. The specialists and staff at our office want our patients to have the best eye care experience possible. We know how important your eyes are. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and utilization of the latest eye care technology in better treating our patients. We also strive to make a difference in our community by providing crucial eye care services to those in need. If you’re tired of limited eye care selection and being treated as a number, call and make an appointment with Signature Eye Care today.