Why is it Important to Get Your Glasses From an Optometrist?

Downfalls of cheap glasses

Whether your eye prescription is about to expire or you’ve accidentally broken your glasses, getting a new pair can be expensive and time consuming. With the growth of the Internet, one can now order glasses frames as well as submit his or her prescription online in the comfort of their own home, on his or her schedule. Big box stores such as Costco and Walmart offer glasses at hard to beat prices (though the quality is often sub-par). Why bother getting your glasses at your optometrist’s office?

Why Optometrists Matter

The health of your eyes is really important. Many times we have something wrong with our eyes and not even know it. A trained optometrist can readily observe and diagnose potentially severe optical issues that have gone overlooked and unnoticed. The intervention and treatment of the optometrist can keep a condition from causing further damage to the eyes. Only an optometrist can perform a comprehensive eye examination. These exams go beyond just giving out a prescription. The specialist carefully looks at the alignment, and shape of the eyes as well as see how well your eyes work together. These thorough exams can also inform you about other health issues you may have that you’re unaware of. Diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure issues can be observed by an optometrist doing a thorough visual exam. You won’t get as much valuable insight with a quick eye assessment. These tests merely look at how quickly your eyes react and how coordinated they are. While they can assess how strong or weak your eyes are, they aren’t qualified to give out prescriptions. The people that do these types of exams are not always professional optometrists, but can be volunteers. They, therefore, will more likely miss detecting potential eye problems and abnormalities. As they are not as familiar with eye health and functioning, they also don’t provide any suggestions concerning eye care, nor do they refer you to a specialist to have potential eye problems looked at. Your optometrist will also be able to provide additional eye care services, like having products for dry eye. An online store or a big box store will likely not have these additional services.

Health Benefits

On top of the health benefits, the optometrist office is more likely to have a larger selection and variety of glasses to choose from. Shopping online or at big box stores often mean limited inventory of glasses. At the optometrist, you’ll have better luck finding the right pair of glasses that match your style and have the best fit. There is a strong connection to your eye health and overall health and by getting your glasses from an optometrist can spare you from potentially serious health issues that can have expensive treatments if not controlled and minimized at the start. Your eyes and their health are important. A certified optometrist will take this seriously and do everything he or she can to maintain the patient’s optical health. At Signature Eye Care, we do just that. Our certified optometrist has many years of experience and our office provides numerous eye care services to help our patients adequately care for their eyes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.