Why You Should Have an Eye Exam Every Year

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Our eyes are important, yet many of us take them for granted and don’t care for them as well as we should. Believe it or not, one of the best things to do for your eye health is to go to your optometrist for an annual eye check-up and exam. Yep, that’s right. Your eyes should be checked every year. Why every year? Once a year may sound excessive. After all, it costs money to see an optometrist as many insurance plans don’t cover eye care. You may also be thinking that you have a good pair of glasses or have a good prescription for contact lenses. Why go see an eye doctor if he or she is going to give you the same prescription. No matter what reason we may give to not visit the optometrist.

Reasons why we should have our eyes looked at every year:

  1. Eyes Change
Despite what you may have heard or even think you’ve observed, your eyes do change ever so slightly year after year. Each year will often bring ever worsening eyesight. It’s a part of aging. The prescriptions you have for your contacts and glasses now may not be strong enough for you to properly see the following year. Those with significantly bad eyesight can find it difficult to see even with a year-old prescription, making it hard and dangerous to do everyday tasks like driving. It is important to note that contact lens prescriptions don’t change as much as those of glasses. Nevertheless, patients who wear contacts should still go and visit their optometrist on an annual basis to have them examined for potential eye infections or disease.
  1. Adjust the Fit of Your Glasses
Over the course of the year, especially if you’re older, your facial features may slightly change. This can affect how well your glasses fit. You may have had a fall or an accident where you either lost, broke or damaged your glasses. Damaged or broken glasses won’t fit comfortably or won’t fit at all. You’ll need to replace your glasses, which is also a perfect time to have your eyes checked and your prescription updated.
  1. Get New Lenses
Seeing the optometrist can be inconvenient and costly enough, but eye glasses can easily add to the financial burden of proper eye care. Patients who put off seeing the optometrist out of concerns of spending limited funds on another pair of glasses can save money when they come in for an annual eye check-up by reusing their current glasses’ frames and having only the lenses replaced with the updated prescription. Going to have your eyes checked doesn’t have to mean spending more than what is necessary. Your eyesight is too important to put at risk because it may cost more than you would like.
  1. Prevent the Progression of Eye Diseases and Health Risks
Even if your suspicions are confirmed and your optometrist determines that your eyes have not changed dramatically enough to warrant a new prescription, your optometrist can at least examine and detect any early signs or symptoms of potentially serious vision health issues. Being informed about possible vision risks and how to prevent or stop the progression of the issue is a vital way to protect your vision. Whether you wear contacts and want to simply have your eyes examined for possible issues or it’s been a few years since your last eye exam and the prescription on your glasses is no longer effective, contact us at Signature Eye Care today to set up your annual eye examination and check-up.

After all, your eyesight is important and shouldn’t be taken for granted.