Which Glasses Will Suit Your Face Shape Best?

Glasses That Fit Your Face

People have been wearing glasses to correct vision impairments for years. The many styles of frames have changed throughout the years, just like fashion, they come and go and come back again (sometime to haunt us – midriff tops and mom jeans). Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have troubles driving at night, or want to be able to enjoy your favorite book or tv show without squinting there is a pair of glasses that will complete your look.  Even if you see fine, but have joined the masses of hipsters that like how a giant pair of non-prescription frames complement your skinny jeans, there is something out there for you. There are however, a few guidelines when it comes to the shape of your face. If you are unsure which style of frame will compliment your face the best, we can help. You could try on each and every pair in the store to see how each one looks, and become incredible confused and frustrated in the meantime, or you could let us give you some helpful tips to make sure you are choosing the frame that suits you best. However, when it comes to the style of your eyewear, there may be guidelines, but there are NO rules. You be you, wear what you love the most, and always go with what makes you feel the best.

5 Tips To Find The Best Glasses

Tip #1 – Round Shaped Face This type of face shape is all curves. There are no angles to these proportions, so to make a round face look thinner and longer, stick with frames that are angular, wider than they are deep, and have a clear bridge that widens the eyes. Rectangular frames are perfect for a round face. Tip#2 – Diamond Shaped Face The proportions for this shaped face are all in the name, diamond. This shape of face is narrow at the jawline and the eye line. Diamond shaped faces have amazing cheekbones, which will usually be high and dramatic. If you want to soften your cheekbones and highlight your eyes, look for frames that are rimless, oval, or have a “cat-eye” shape. Tip #3 – Square Shaped Face Those who are rocking this shape of face, know that it means you have a strong jaw line and a broad forehead, plus the length and width are in the same proportions. Most are looking to soften this look when they get glasses, so to do this you’ll want to stick with frames that are narrow, have more width than depth, and are oval in shape. Tip #4 – Rectangular Shaped Face A rectangular face will have more length than width, a long forehead, high cheekbones, and a longer nose. Go with frames with a strong or accenting brow line that will give strong horizontal elements. Frames that have rounded edges and curved lines will soften the angularity of this type of face shape. Tip #5 – Oval Shaped Face Oval faces tend to be well balanced. They have a soft-curved jawline that is slightly more narrow than the forehead. Square and rectangular frames will add contrast to this type of curved face. Oval faces are the lucky ones though, most shaped frames will look good on them. Tip#6 – Heart Shaped Face Those with this shape of face will have a broad forehead, which will taper to a small chin, and usually they will have high cheekbones. Oval and round shaped frames that are light-colored and thin will help balance the narrowness of the chin.

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